#Human Rights
The White House
United States of America

Please sign my petition to shut down all methadone clinics around the world. They are destroying families and friends livelihood. It's the worst drug option there is to maintain being an addict. 2020 was horrible, let's stop then cycle of addiction now. We must be heard!! This can no longer be an acceptable form of treatment. From 1 dose to the next the cycle will never break. More children will reside with a parent(s) that can't maintain focus,love,hygiene and many more self care related issues. It can be stopped. Please help those that cannot help themselves.

We the People, call on the People's House to fully pursue the status of replacement and/or removal of all methadone clinics in the U.S. This stuff is killing the American dream of recovery for addicts who cannot or will not stop drugging to rebuild themselves or families. This must End!!

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