#Human Rights
Jefferson County Commissioners
United States of America
Shut down Apex Landfill

Apex Landfill has been polluting for years. It has not only made it difficult or impossible for some homeowners to enjoy a day outside on their own property, but it has also decreased property values in surrounding areas. Local businesses suffer as potential customers flee the stench and anyone driving through an area within miles of the landfill can smell the horrid odors. The Ohio EPA receives tipping fees from the landfill, so complaints about the landfill receive little results. As citizens who care for everyone in our county, it is time to take a stand to close this landfill.

We the undersigned call on our Jefferson County commissioners to take a stand against the Apex Landfill and its owners and SHUT DOWN this landfill. We no longer want us or anyone else in Jefferson County to suffer the ill effects of this landfill. To keep my vote in your next election, your action against this polluting company is needed and necessary.

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