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Calgary is home to 1,214,839 people as of 2011, making it the largest city in the province of Alberta. Of these 1.2million people, 10.9% of Calgarians are considered low income.I will do the math for you, that is roughly 120 000 people that rely on social assistance, as they do not earn enough money to afford things like housing, childcare, transportation and even food and clothing. 120 000 people live each day in this city under stress, wondering how the can afford to put their child through school or how they will be able to pay off their debts and bills.

We as Calgarians have it easier than most places in the world, I will give you that. However, there are so many people in this city that would benefit from having a helping hand. There are about 16 000 people who have used a homeless shelter in 2011, about $100 000 is spent per year on homelessness, and 21% of Calgary’s homeless are children and youth. For a city that is well off, that is still pretty sad to think about. There are many people in this city who struggle with disabilities, ESL, and do not have the proper training to obtain a job. There are also many people who are employed, 40%, who are still homeless because the cost of living is high.

There are many contests and game shows and the lottery and you can ask anyone, free money is always a good thing. I have asked many of my friends and family member what they would do if they won a great deal of cash. None of them ever said anything about blowing it on a private island or wasting it on ridiculous things. All of them said they would share it, said they would buy a home, save it for their children’s’ future, donate the money; use it for school or to pay off their outstanding debt. I have seen people on the streets begging for one dollar, one measly dollar that could buy them a cup of coffee, or a donut or maybe a bus ride so they can go try and find work.

With that said, I cannot comprehend how a group of people, in this city can literally burn $5000 publicly.

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It makes me sick to my stomach knowing that a hungry child could of eaten or a homeless man could have gotten himself some decent winter boots. How can people get away with something like this? Yes, it is legal to burn paper money in Canada, but what about it being morally wrong? Do we have no morals anymore?

My point is simple, and clear. Why should we as Calgarians allow these kinds of things to go on in our city? We are about freedom, equality, and culture. Yes, they are free to do these things, but does it make it right? I understand that this is exactly what New Cap radio wanted. They wanted publicity. They want controversy. Why? Because the more people listen to this garbage, the more attention they can get on social media and the more people talk about this, the more people will tune into 90.3, hear their ads, buy the products they have advertised, and Ryan and Katie go home with a nice fat paycheck.

I thought we were different in Canada. I thought we were kind, respectful people with good morals and beliefs. Why do we buy into this kind of stuff? Why do we feel the need to sit here and tune in to a couple of yahoos marry strangers, or burn money that could have been used to save a child? Are we really that bored with our own lives that we have to live vicariously through this controversial radio station? What ever happened to going outside and taking a walk, getting friends together and playing some games, interacting with one another in person and not through social media?

This petition that I have created is to remove 90.3 Amp Radio from Calgary’s airwaves. Would anyone really miss them anyways? They play the same 10 songs every 30 minutes and do not enrich our lives with anything wholesome, so what’s the point? Let’s get them removed Calgary. Let’s make room for a new station that can help our city, not shove their advertising down our throats. Let’s do this for our kids and future kids who are slowly starting to forget what good music is. They will never know good talk radio. Instead they tune in to find out what hashtag is trending on twitter or how naked Miley is in her new photos. Let’s bring back modesty to our city.

If you are with me please sign!

Please stop AMP radio from existing! Let's shut them down! They don't have any compassion for fellow Canadians or humanity for burning money!

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