#Media Issues
Ronnie Radke
United States of America

So basically, we all know what happened about Ronnie. Him going to jail and whatnot. And the sad thing is, that because of that people have stopped being a fan of him.

I wanted to make this so he'd known he still has some die hard fans who really don't care about what has went on because we see the person inside.

As I said before, I want this to be a reminder that he is still the same person. No matter what he does, whether it is the worst possible thing ever or the nicest thing ever he is still Ronnie Radke. Sure a few bad/good deeds can change what people think about you, but not necessarily change who you really are.

And I believe though he's been sent to jail that he is still the same awesome, (and in my eyes) inspiring person. So please do sign if you truly care about him. I hope one day he will see this and know that no matter what, he has fans.

Here is my email to contact me with: theshabanafiles@yahoo.com and please tell your friends about this petition!

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