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I've said it - and heard it said - repeatedly. A two day weekend is just not long enough to get everything done.

Five days of work is too much.

The five day working week is a leftover from the days when there was one breadwinner, who usually had someone at home taking care of the non-work side of their lives. That's very obviously not the case anymore. As women entered the workforce and families shifted to having dual-incomes, prices went up accordingly until now you really need two incomes just to get by.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not against women in the workforce. I believe women have a very valuable perspective that's important to include in any workplace - especially when it monopolises so much of your waking life. What I am against is the fact that everything OTHER than work is getting crammed into less and less time, and it's people's lives that are falling through the cracks.

We live in a time of change. America voted in Obama, Australia voted in Kevin Rudd, and they both offered a platform of change.

Here's one change I think is long overdue. Let's revise what's considered standard in the working week.

Think about it. If a working week becomes 3, or even 4 days, then you automatically have twice as many jobs. Offer companies reduced payroll taxes so it's no more of a burden to have two employees covering 6 (or even 8) days, than it was to have a single person covering 5, and they get more work done for their buck. Having a well rested employee is also a big bonus for productivity. It's a win/win.

Short term, yes, incomes are likely to drop - a little for a 4 day week, a bit more for a 3 day. But just as prices went up when dual incomes became the norm, market forces should eventually correct back to a reasonable standard of living - and right now we're expecting tough times. If we accept a short term drop in income we'll have less jobs lost, more free time to enjoy and long term, we really WILL be the lucky country!

We, the undersigned, call on Kevin Rudd, P.M. to review the standard of a 5 day working week, and investigate ways to encourage corporate and government employers revising workloads from a single 5 day workload into two workers covering a 3 or 4 day work-week each.

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