It’s time to support local business making Australian made products, being so reliant on other countries to provide Australia, with food, Clothing, Oil, Steel, and other products costs us jobs and leaves us vulnerable in uncertain times.

its time to start paying a few dollars extra and supporting local business, which in turn supports us.

We have websites that assist us finding australian made but having a dedicated area in the major chains, would make it even easier and more productive for shoppers looking to support local companies providing Australian made products.

Imagine having an area or isle dedicated to Australian made products, this would help support australian business, jobs, and save us shoppers a lot of time,

lets all get around this idea and push for the major chains to help local business making Australian made products.

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The Shopping aisles for Australian Made petition to WOOLWORTHS, COLES, IGA, was written by James Bennett and is in the category Business at GoPetition.