Infinity Ward / Activision

On December 3rd of 2019, Infinity Ward updated the game "Modern Warfare" with its first Battle pass, added new weapons, customization, and maps, one of the maps named "Crash" was placed to replace the map "shoothouse" on the 24/7 playlist which was the corner stone of every Modern Warfare player's way to upgrade their weapons and have some fast paced gameplay. Now, I, a Modern Warfare player, have decided to start this petition on behalf of the Modern Warfare community to ask Infinity Ward and Activision to make a new 24/7 playlist exclusively for the map " shoothouse", and I'd like You, the players to sign this petition. Thank you sirs and ma'ams.

This is a petition to demand from Activision and Infinity Ward to Make Modern Warfare Great Again by making an exclusive Shoothouse 24/7 playlist again.

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