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Shoeless Joe Jacksons, 356 batting average is the third best of all time. In 1917 , his fielding percentage ( .984 ) was near the top of the league. He went on to lead the American League in almost every category.

There is no serious debate about Shoeless Joe Jackson's Hall of Fame credentials. Probably the only thing keeping Shoeless Joe Jackson out of the Baseball Hall of Fame was the fact that he was banned from Baseball for life. But should he have been. I think not. Shoeless Joe Jackson and his brilliant career are over shadowed by the 1919 World Series and the fact that eight baseball players took money to fix the 1919 World Series. Shoeless Joe Jackson took $5000.00 to throw the 1919 World Series but from everything that has been found out down thru history Shoeless Joe Jackson did anything but throw the World Series.

Shoeless Joe Jackson even went to the teams owner Comiskey and told him what was going on and asked to be benched for the series but Comiskey ignored him. Doesn't sound like a man who was guilty does it?

"Shoeless" Joe Jackson Deserves to be in the hall of fame!! He did nothing to not deserve to be in the hall of fame.

He was one of the best ball players in the world, so why is he not in the hall of fame?!

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