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I writing this petition to all those Taiga drama (Japanese Historical/Fiction) lovers who loved and cherished the 2004 Taiga Drama "Shinsengumi".

I watched that 2 years ago and I fell deeply in love with the show. I loved the cast, the music and the acting. Of course not to forget to mention all the beautiful, pretty, gorgeous, hot and cute actresses in that show.

I have a HUMONGOUS love for Asian culture, not just because I'm part Asian (Filipino/Irish/German). I just LOVE Asian culture, especially ASIAN GIRLS. I love 'em all. Shapes and sizes. Young or old. Just love ASIAN GIRLS! So anyway, to all the true Taiga-drama lovers. Hear my voice! I don\'t know if anyone else dared to write a petition. But I'm writing one now. So join my crusade and support my cause! And my cause is to put Shinsengumi DVDS with Eng. Sub. on either Region 1 or Region All.

Join the revolution I like to call the Asian Invasion (NOT the British Invasion c.1960's). Who will join me?! WHO WILL JOIN MY CAUSE?! WHO WILL SUPPORT JAPANESE DRAMAS?! Asia! Asia! Asia! Asia! Asia! Asia! Asian Power!

We, Taiga-Drama lovers, call on YesAsia or the manufacturers that produced Shinsengumi DVDs without English Subtitles and not on either Region 1 or Region All.

We, over here in the United States, plea that you all sign my petition and make our wishes come true.

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