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Con Court
South Africa

My eyes are full of tears because of the saddening news that I have been hearing for days women have been killed for no reason, subjected to shameful treatments and brutality, who are we to kill women aren't we the product of these mothers and sisters, aren't these our childrens, I tried to accept it and be silent about it but I'm tearing down because of these brutal killings because certain people hold a status of being Blessers or should I say Providers, I'm no one to judge people but please just in defense of what we call Ubuntu and our Africanism lets Prohibits these acts and condemn them at all cost, I know we cannot do anything to anyone but it should start by a sole individual, let us all be men and live like one before you think or do anything just think how it would have felt if you were looking at the same actions being done towards your mom, Am I my sisters keeper or Am I my mothers keeper? Killing a women means your killing a Nation all men should rise up in defense of Our Nation, I love you all women of our Country and I say not in my name that one would kill a women  and be classified as a real men, the minute you raise your hand above your shoulders towards a women you have totally classified yourself as an animal that does not deserve life on earth, may you also women don't bow down for abuse report any case of this acts...

Written and owned by Nkosinathi Simphiwe Sibiya "It is better to die in defence of a women, I salute people of Mandla's Caliber"

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We the Men of South Africa young and old rise up in defense of our Mothers and sisters, the brutal killings that have been continuing in our country aren't a sign of harmony and peace that our forefathers fought for, our women continues to be the victim of Sex Abuse and Human trafficking lets all rise up in their defense, we should always remember that there is no man without a women, if it needs be let us die in their defense, let us save the nation, South Africa rise up your Nation is under Threaths, Ruth Fìrst is tossiñg and turning in her grave, lets fight against injustice done towards our women.

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The She is my mother, My sister and My Lover, She does not deserve to die petition to Con Court was written by Nkosinathi Sibiya and is in the category Gender Rights and Issues at GoPetition.