Bill Bird Marina at Haulover Park Managers Chris Hernandez, Sherri Fisher and Tom Morgan
United States of America

Shawarma at Haulover is a small food boat operation, owned and operated by my wife and I, that sells Mediterranean pita wraps, ceviche, hamburguers, tequenos, ice cream, and several other products, out of the Haulover sandbar, located in the Intracoastal water way, right adjacent to the Bill Bird Marina at the Haulover Park, in Miami Dade County, Florida.
Our food boat suffered severe damages in the aftermath of Hurricane Irma. We hired a marine towing and salvage company to put it in a secure location in land before the hurricane, but they left the boat at the Haulover Boat Ramp.
The boat is not currently operational on the water, as the hulls and engine require major repairs. We therefore are pretty much without a job.
Our boat, however, is licensed by the Department of Hotels and Restaurants of the State of Florida as a Mobile Food Dispensing Vehicle, and is fully operational in land.
As my family depends on our business, we are asking the Haulover Park Managers Chris Hernandez, Sherri Fisher and Tom Morgan to allow us to permanently operate our food boat where there is a food truck party every Tuesday. We are willing to pay a reasonable rent.
We need it! The Haulover Park goers need it!
Please help us convince the Haulover Park Managers to give us the authorization!

We, the undersigned, ask the Bill Bird Marina at Haulover Park Managers to grant Shawarma at Haulover the authorization to permanently operate its food boat at the Haulover Park.

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