Townsville City Council

The Townsville City Council have been upgrading the facilities at Peggy Banfield Park, Bushland Beach. Which is the home to Norths Devils Rugby League Club (Seniors) and North Thuringowa Football Club (Juniors) - with a combined 300 players in 2016.

The council’s plans promised new football fields, public toilet facilities, new road entrance and parking facilities, plus loads more.

Unfortunately, these upgrades have left us with minimal shade, as our beautifully established shade trees have been cut down and removed from our boundary fence, which is a huge loss to the Park, as spectators (families in particular) would always sit under those trees to watch the football games. Even our shade structures for the players during games have been taken down.

To make matters worse, the Townsville City Council have advised the club that we will not be granted any approvals to have permanent shade structures erected. We are not even permitted to re-erect our “bench players” shade structures.

For more information, please visit: http://websites.sportstg.com/get_file.cgi?id=36059648

Would you like to watch your child/family member/friend play football whilst being forced to sit in the full blaze of Townsville’s scorching sun, with no shade? How can we promote appropriate Sun Safety, when we cannot even provide shade for our players?

Norths aren’t asking for much. We just want some permanent shade areas, as replacements where the Townsville City Council have torn them down. So please Townsville City Council, give your local park and community some shade.

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