We need to protect our Community's Health
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Villas of Kenolio has a beautiful community area with a pool, hot tub, play grounds and BBQ area alas it is rarely used.
We have lovely picnic tables and BBQ equipment that available alas lunch time is the hottest most dangerous time of day to be out but there is no place to enjoy our meal with our friends and family!
The ground is so hot it is impossible to walk on the concrete surrounding the pool and the playground area.

We desperately need shade from the dangerous heat and sun exposure. We can't take our children to the playground because the structure burns our kids feat and anything that touches it. We have to wear flip flops from the pool to anywhere in the community area or our feet burn. Villas of Kenolio is a very popular place and you are constantly selling condos! This feature separates your community from other competitors alas if it is not pleasant and we fear getting skin damage or heat stroke why would we visit that being said why would we not want to move?
Also when we invite friends and family to visit and enjoy the facilities with us most are saddened when the rule of "no fun allowed" makes the children and their families want to leave. To add on the fact that we can't get relief from the heat why on earth would our friends or family want to purchase in our community. We all know most sales and marketing start from word of mouth. If the staff are known for being scary and why would anyone want to refer this community to anyone?

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