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Nebraska Legislature
United States of America

Child sex-trafficking is at an all time high and accumulates $150 Billion yearly. United states is one of the most advanced country's and also the #1 leading country for child exploitation. Every 26 seconds a child is sold for rape, torture, and murder. In Nebraska alone, registered sex-offenders are only mandated to register as a sex-offender with no other mandated restrictions. The restrictions are determined by the council of each town and city. Victims of registered sex-offenders are given a life sentence of trauma. The offenders have stolen their innocence that will never be given back. This leaves our most vulnerable with life debilitating mental health issues, such as, PTSD, depression, anxiety, guilt, shame, and low self-esteem among many other health issues.

The undersigned party calls on the Nebraska Legislature and values great concern with the leniency on registered sex-offenders. Our three key points of this petition outlines the following: cause - awareness of child sex-trafficking, effect - childhood/adulthood debilitating mental and physical health issues, solutions - automatic life sentence because they have given their victims a life-sentence of trauma. Death penalty, depending on the severity, 20 years minimum for those who harbor and sell child pornography, and mandated restrictions that do not allow them on school property nor local/public parks as well as daycare facilities. 1,000 foot restriction away from said public places.

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