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HBO Films and Darren Star

SATC 3 script has already been written and shared with Sarah Jessica Parker, HBO Films, and various necessary actors and producers. One of the leading actors has decided not to be in the SATC3 and therefore the movie was immediately cancelled. This petition is BEGGING HBO and Darren Star to find a remedy with the 1 actor who can't come to an agreement. SJP and Kristen Davis have shared their approval of the script and complete devastation of the cancellation news. PLEASE SIGN THIS PETITION TO BRING SATC3 MOVIE TO THEATERS GLOBALLY. Thanks, Kerry

We, the undersigned, call on HBO Films and Darren Star SATC MOVIE 3 to come to an agreement with the actors so the script can be made into SATC3 Movie. We, the undersigned, understand that not all actors may return to their roll and/or come back in a limited cameo and/or replaced by another actor. The movie SATC3 shouldn't be cancelled because a main character isn't on board.

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