YG Entertainment Inc and CEO YANG

Although it was announced in early if 2017 by CEO Yang that our Seungri of BIgbang will make a comeback with GD, Taeyang and Daesung; till todate there is nothing to show of his comeback. Our Seungri has informed fans in a fan meet that he has 4 songs ready but again no attempt was made to see through his comeback. In Dec of 2017, we were informed that our Seungri does not have a schedule of work with YG. He also will not be joining the other members for complusory military work in 2018 because the waiting list for military service is too long. Now is the time to show support for our Seungri.

This petition is an attempt to bring to the attention of CEO Yang and YGE that VIPS/VVIPS are serious in wanting to see our Seungri's comeback and world tour. This is also to show support for our Seungri of BigBang's career in music.
We hope to see the love of all VIPs/VVIPs towards our Seungri. Please sign the petition and show support. Thank you and hugs all VIPs/VVIPs.

We, the undersigned, call on CEO Yang and YGE to allow the release and promotion of SEUNGRI of BIGBANG new songs and Music videos in the year of 2017. We also call for CEO Yang and YGE to allow and promote SEUNGRI of BIGBANG comeback and world tour with his new and old songs in the year of 2017.

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