#Animal Welfare
Set Anne free with thousands of signatures.
United Kingdom

Anne, 59 years old, is Britain's last circus elephant, the Asian elephant was brought by Bobby Roberts (owner of the travelling circus) parents in the 1950's for approx £3,000 , in those days she was one of many circus elephants, but now most circuses have stopped using animals.

Secret security cameras have filmed Anne being beaten a total of 48 times by her 'carers' who are paid £8,000 a year, she is abused by pitchforks, iron bars and other bits of equipment which are slammed into her so strongly she sometimes loses her footing, she is absolutely defenceless, as she is chained to the spot by her legs and arthritis has taken toll on her aging body.

Bobby Roberts says he will set her free if he finds a suitable sanctuary in England and claims the US is too far. If we get enough signatures to sign this and spread the word, who knows if we can change this stressed elephant's life?


We, the undersigned understand the situation of Anne, Britain's last performing elephant, and wish to act by signing this petition to raise awareness and try to set Anne free.

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