Vijay TV Airtel Super Singer Show

Arjun Adapalli is a participant of Vijay TV's Super Singer Season 5 reality show. Despite being born and raised in USA, and not having Tamil as his mother tongue, each one of Arjun's performances has been delightful, due to his perfect pronunciation and Shruthi.

Arjun's selection of songs has shown his mastery over a wide range of music genres and several eras of Tamil film songs, and the way he captures the essence of songs is mesmerizing. Arjun has a great manly voice, any song he sings, he owns the song and perfects it like the original singer. His soulful rendition of melodies is a treat to hear and aptly he was awarded "The best melody singer of SS05".

After participating and competing in tough rounds, Arjun was the first to enter into Top 5 singers. But he was eliminated out of the show from Top 4 round. Arjun gave great outstanding performances(as always) in Wild Card rounds so that he could come back with a bang to participate in Grand Finale. Despite being in the top 3 vote getters, Arjun was not given a spot to participate in Finals.

India's leading voice expert, Shri Ananth Vaidyanathan complimented Arjun for his sincerity and devotion to music.

Finally, Arjun has demonstrated that he is not only a terrific singer but that he is a very good human being. He has inspired people, of Tamil origin and non-Tamil origin, all over the world to get interested in Tamil music.

If you think Arjun deserves a chance to sing in the Super Singer Season 5 finals, please sign this petition and support the cause.

We, Arjun Adapalli fans, request Vijay TV's Airtel Super Singer 5 programme to respect Viewer's votes and send Deserving Arjun to participate in Super Singer Finals.

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