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Desert Oasis Turtle & Tortoise Sanctuary
United States of America

Spur is an African Sulcata tortoise that has been used as a prop on display in this tiny tiled enclosure at The Animal Store in Lincolnwood, Illinois for 30 years. She spends her life just sitting there and at other times trying to crawl out and escape this prison. Animals in captivity go through a kind of insanity and hell daily. think of elephants standing stationary and swinging their trunks endlessly, or apes who throw their own feces. Tortoises are sentient beings who deserve to live outdoors in the sunshine and fresh air with space to explore. This is UNACCEPTABLE and we will not stop until Spur is sent to sanctuary.

We the undersigned call on The Animal Store to immediately release Spur to the care of the Desert Oasis Turtle & Tortoise Sanctuary in Arizona to live out her full life. By signing this petition you will tell The Animal Store that you do not support their cruel conduct toward Spur or any animal that they sell.

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