#Children's Rights
the Prime Minister
United Kingdom

We want world leaders to pay attention, to make plans and give money to education. We need education to be a top priority because time is running out – there are only four years until the 2015 deadline but 67 million children are still missing out on school.

At the current rate of progress there will still be about 56 million children out of school in 2015. Education is a fundamental human right which must be secured for all, including the most disadvantaged and marginalised around the world.

Evidence shows that it is crucial to reducing poverty, improving general health, halting the spread of HIV and AIDS, and enabling people to play a full part in their communities and nations.

To play its role in promoting this right and challenging violations of it, we want the UK government to take its responsibility seriously to:

o Keep their promises to give more aid, to give free education worldwide now;

o Work together with other rich countries to get money to where it is most needed, in an organised way;

o Use their powers to remove blocks that stop countries giving more jobs to teachers;

o Call for debts to be cancelled for more countries;

o Make sure that primary school education is a reality for children, and that education is a right for everyone.

We, the undersigned, urge the Prime Minister and the other EU leaders to keep the promise they made in 2000 that every child in the world should be able to attend primary school by 2015.

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