#Human Rights
McKenna Dolores Cabezas Crilley

This petition was brought about to aid our dear friend McKenna Crilley to return to Florida for which she has such a passion for and intense hubris for since she descends from there.

Her origins lie there and to them she feels indebted to return there once more to savor the moments that she can.

WE are brought here today to find justice in the injustice and make right the wrong. Two rights do not make a left and it is plausible to find that McKenna Dolores Cabezas Crilley must be sent back to Florida since she has been denied this right for so long. She deserves to be acknowledged and returned to her homeland and state. Many of you should realize that is absolutely horrendous how in the supposed "land of the free" she has been denied this right.

She is a human being like the rest of us and deserves to be treated justly and with utter and significant respect and be able to return to Florida for a vacation. Please sign so we can accomplish a good deed for the better of an individual who has made an impact on society.

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