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United States of America

In the year preceding the 2016 US Presidential election many celebrities and public figures promised to move out of the USA if Donald Trump was elected President.

As Americans we enjoy freedom of speech afforded by the 1st Amendment to the Constitution. We also enjoy helping others attain their goals through monetary donations, volunteering, and emotional support.

We want the list of celebrities and public figures below to know that we support their right to freedom of speech and free will. We encourage them to make good on their word and leave the USA now that Trump has been elected the 45th POTUS.

Please join us in supporting their decision to leave the USA prior to Trump taking office in January.

We the undersigned call on the citizens of the United States of America to sign this petition in support of the list of public figures and celebrities' decision to leave the USA if Donald Trump was elected in the 2016 Presidential election.

We encourage these public figures to honor their word and leave.
1. Al Sharpton
2. Rosie O'Donnel
3. Mylie Cyrus
4. George Lopez
5. Cher
6. Chelsea Handler
7. Spike Lee
8. Samuel Jackson
9. Barbra Steisand
10. Whoopi Goldberg

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