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Senator "Tito" Sotto has been known to plagiarize in the past and be less apologetic about it. A few weeks ago, he stole from a US based blogger on his senate speech about the controversial Reproductive Health Bill. He used a significant amount of the blog, and used it word-for-word on his speech!

Sotto then later provided an official statement saying "I was quoting Natasha Campbell.. why would I quote a blogger? She's only a blogger."

Little to everyone's knowledge, Sotto is a veteran comedian turned politician. What an awful political slate we have here in the Philippine. No wonder nothing's being done.

A few weeks later, he did it again. Translated a speech by the former Robert Kennedy into our local language, word-for-word! His official statement was: "What now? Does Kennedy now know how to speak in Tagalog)?"

With all the evidences, and scandals in the past few weeks, I believe the senatoris no longer fit to run in public office. He's no longer worthy of the country's trust.

Notable personalities have plagiarized in the past, Manny Pangilinan immediately resigned from the Ateneo board after plagiarizing a graduation speech, quickly becoming apologetic. His resignation was declined, he knows when to come to his knees and apologize. That's what real people do.

With all this being said, please sign this petition and let the Filipino nation know that we can no longer accept the fact that we have a comedian sitting in the legislative department. We elected him there, we know better. He SHOULD resign.

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