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The Democratic party, the Republican party, Congress ( both house, and senate)
United States of America

In many states that consider themselves as sanctuary states, the welfare system is overwhelmed with clients, that are frequently undocumented, or fraudulently documented/with duplicate TIN's, and Social Security #'s. an accounting / audit schedule needs to be implemented to oversee applicant eligibility. It is not constitutional for any government Local, State, or federal to designate as sanctuary, any area within the country, and it is a violation of separation of church, and state, as provided within the framework of the US constitution.
Currently the federal detention centers are at capacity, or above, and in order to process detainee's, the federal judicial system needs to be boosted, and streamlined to accommodate the recent influx of illegal entries.
The gaping hole in border defense needs to be closed, and all persons without legitimate claims to asylum, need to be rejected, and deported back to the point of entry or country of origin..
The current administration needs to be restricted from revision of the original concepts of immigration as contained within the guidelines drafted by the Constitution.
This petition demands immediate reform of the Biden administration for implementing unlawful changes to immigration, and intentions of future policies, that place undue risks to national security.

WE THE PEOPLE, of the United States Of America, demand that the government returns to a system of control over immigration, and the occupation of the country by those who are here illegally, or undocumented. We further demand that the territories which have been designated as "Sanctuary" by government officials to be immediately returned to lawful status as protected from illegal settlement by those who have not applied for residency, or citizenship through legal channels.
We the people further demand that those who are here by means other than true , and legal process, are to be deported as set forth within the immigration laws,

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