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Indoor sports in NSW struggles due to huge lack of good quality, affordable, and accessible facilities. The BrickPit stadium is running at capacity with several community groups getting limited access to the multi use facility. The HKBA, for one, relies on extremely expensive and limited access to school facilities to meet the huge demand for basketball in the Hornsby and surrounding areas. Table tennis, badminton, volleyball, futsal, to name a few, all desperately need extra room to service their members wanting to be active and social.

A suitable location to build is key to developing a new facility and land is RARE. BUT THERE IS A SPACE! The RMS land on Pioneer ave in Thornleigh is the PERFECT location to build a new facility.

We need State Government help to help secure this land so that it can be developed into a community facility that can service the multitude of sports and social groups that need access to indoor facilities.
The RMS will look to sell this land in 18-24 months after the NorthConnex project is complete and we need the Community's support to ensure the State Government secures this location for the development of a multi use facility rather then being sold off to become industrial space.

We, the active community, ask the NSW State Government to secure the Pioneer Ave Thornleigh RMS site and help with development of a multi-use Indoor community facility

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