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Scholastic learning requires development of cognitive functioning, attention regulation, and self-control: Meditation increases all three. K - 12 pupils who learned meditation in school settings showed improvements in all three as well as scholastic achievement. These results were found in research using standardized tests. There is a high positive correlation between cognitive functioning and productivity, compensation, and career success.

As neurologic and psychosocial development progresses with age, pupils are albe to learn meditation more quickly, maintain regular independent practice, realize a meditative state, and derive more benefits. More hours of instruction and group practice are appropriate for higher grade levels.

The most important qualification for instructors is a history of many years of practice. It is probable that qualified volunteers could be recruited in large urban areas. There are many advantages to providing instruction after school or on Saturdays.

For scientific background, view my article:
www.wisebrain.org On top bar, click Tools, on the menu click Wise Brain Bulletin, (from the archives) select v8 #6, Dec 2014,
advance to pages 25 - 33 entitled "Meditation and Enhancing Cognition" a.k.a. " Cognitive Enhancement"

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Endorse secular meditation instruction for grade K - 12 pupils. Contact principals of local schools near your neighborhood.

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