#Law & Order
Police Commissioner of Western Australia

Secret Harbour is a beautiful place to live with a wonderful sense of community, however because of the lack of Police presence here the incidents of antisocial behavior, vandalism, cars speeding and driving recklessly, fighting and more recently burglaries are on the increase.

Only in September 2012 there was an armed robbery at the Caltex by someone armed with a machete!!!

The closest Police Stations are Mandurah & Rockingham, which are 18 and 13 kilometers away respectively.

I am aware that there have been other petitions and many broken promises of a station here but personally I am fed up of being woken by fights, cars racing the streets and general antisocial behavior.

I don’t want to see graffiti spoiling the beautiful surroundings, bikes racing up the beach through families playing and the fear that my home will be broken into or my property damaged.

I have heard of 3 very sad incidents in the past week where 2 homes have been broken into in broad daylight and another incident where an attempted break in was averted.

Please sign this petition and feel free to leave comments of your experience of crime and antisocial behavior that has effected you.

We the undersigned call on the Western Australian Police to have a designated Police presence in Secret Harbour by opening a 24 hour Police Station.

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