Legislative Assembley of Queensland

The Calliope and Gladstone Region currently have several hundred High School and Primary School children claiming for travel assistance who are travelling on ‘school buses’ along roads at high speeds. Many of these buses currently in use do NOT have fitted seatbelts in them.

PLEASE NOTE that this number does NOT include the other passengers who are not eligible to claim for assistance.

Some of the school buses travelling along the Dawson and Bruce Highways are travelling at speeds over 80kms an hour. At this current time, both of these highways have heavy road works and hundreds of heavy load vehicles that travel along these highways several times per day.

The Community is aware of approximately 670+ quarry runs alone just from the quarries in the Region.

This estimate of heavy load vehicles does not include the average daily Gladstone Region vehicle and heavy vehicles that use these highways.

We, the undersigned, support having seatbelts installed on all buses that carry school children and travel at speeds over 60kms an hour on rural roads.

Your petitioners therefore request the House to enforce that all buses travelling at speeds of over 60kms on rural roads, and carrying school children have seat belts installed on them to ensure the safety of all our children.

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