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Searching for Patricia -Patsi- Lynn Taylor is a Facebook page set up for the purpose of sharing information about a missing person, my sister, Patsi Taylor.

Patsi was in and out of state care for much of her young teenage years and she ultimately ran away from the last facility she was at. The Tulsa Girl's Group Home on Peoria in Tulsa, OK was her last residence.

On August 31, 1981 she left the group home and never returned. For over 35 years our family has searched and sought out answers to try to find the trail that could lead us back to our Patsi, but we have been unsuccessful.

Recently, I was in contact with Long Lost Family USA Casting department and had high hopes of making it to their show and getting some help from even more professionals that have reunited families with similar (and even more difficult) circumstances. In the weeks following the interview with them, the contact was less and less and finally I did receive a letter stating that it looked as though the chances of making it to their show was grim.

I am asking for your help in signing this petition in support of them taking on my sister's case and trying to help us solve this mystery that has pained our family for over 3 decades. Please show your support so that Long Lost Family USA will reconsider their decision on Patsi Lynn Taylor!

We, the undersigned, call on the Long Lost Family USA Casting department to reconsider accepting the case of Patricia -Patsi- Lynn Taylor.

As a follower of the Facebook page, and supporter of this search, we feel that the difficult circumstances surrounding her case warrants the professional and personal support that you and your experts could provide. Please reconsider!

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