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Delhi Government & Central Government as well

This year have brought a bad luck for the traders in Delhi.

As per the Government's decision most of the traders in Delhi will have to stop trading activities with effect from this year, and to implement this decision an anti-trading drive is on in Delhi nowadays. As a result of which at all the places where the commercial activities are going on (except for some approved commercial areas) the shops are being sealed.
Being a democratic country the indian govt. is a govt. of the people, by the people and for the people, but this decision of the govt. which is causing so much pain to people in Delhi have made the govt. OFF the people, FAR the people and BYE the people.

Instead of making the policies for enhancement of trade & allied activities, the decisions are made in reverse direction to destroy trade.
No city can be made beautiful in such a way. The govt. cannot give a reason to explain why this drive is so important in Delhi. Why commonwealth games are considered so important and not the problem of unemployment?
What will the people do if the only source of their income is sealed/closed?

Woudn't this create a problem of disorder of law in Delhi? Why the govt. is not thinking on these practical issues? Why the govt. is trying to be impratical in its approach?

Is it right or justifiable to play with the lives of so many Delhihites?
It would be good if the government rethinks over the decision of sealing and thinks of some policy for benefit of people in Delhi.

We, the undersigned, request the Delhi and Central Government to help the traders in Delhi to prosper. Instead of making such anti-trading policies the decisions should be taken vice versa, to benefit the trade & traders in Delhi.

The trading activities in Delhi have never been a cause of any mishap or disorder in the city. The decision to beautify the city can be implemented in many other ways like the introduction of metro rail, introduction of malls culture in Delhi, etc.

Instead of eliminating the old ones the govt. should implement the new ones.

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