#Films & Movies
Owners/Management of Birch Carroll & Coyle Cinemas, North Rockhampton

The movie "The Nativity Story" was released to cinemas all over the world including across Australia on Dec 1, 2006. It seems to be screening widely, but for some unknown reason has been bypassed for Rockhampton, Central Queensland.

The next closest cinema screening this movie is Gladstone which is around 1.5hr drive from Rockhampton, but even further for some of those for whom we are the major commercial centre.

I believe it is our right to have this widely distributed movie shown in our own locality. Please see the official website link for more information about and trailers for the movie.

We, the undersigned, call on the owners/management of the Birch Carroll & Coyle Cinema Complex, North Rockhampton to add to their screening schedule the movie “The Nativity Story”.

We believe that (especially as current customers of this business) it is our right to have access to see this movie in our closest cinema complex and to not have to travel greater distances than already neccessary to see it.

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