London Olympic Committee
United Kingdom

On the 4th of June 2007 the Olympic committee in the UK displayed the logo
that is going to represent London in the 2012 Olympics.

The logo has proven controversial and the below petition outlines the view that
the logo is over priced and does looks awful.

Several other petitions have been created, one reaching over 40000 signatures,
however they have since closed down, claiming that the Olympic committee will
not listen to them. If we get over 100,000 signatures how can they not listen?

Im therefore appealing to the public who do not like the current logo, regardless
of whether or not you have signed a different petition. Sign this one, get your
friends to sign it, so that united we can stand when the logo is withdrawn.

I the undersigned wish to express my disgust with the new Olympic logo for the 2012 Olympics that will take place in London.

The logos design, does not make a good use of colour or graphic design to the best advantage and think that given the time a much better design could be used.
As for the cost of £400,000 I would be most grateful if a detailed list could be published stating how and why the logo cost as much as it did.

I therefore ask that the logo be
withdrawn and a re-design takes place, with a selection of final submissions placed on the web, so that the British public can choose, rather than have one chosen for us.

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