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Education should be about learning, constant testing interferes with this process, creating stress for pupils that releases cortisol in their brain which actually makes learning more difficult.

Countries such as Finland are aware of this and do not do standardised tests for primary pupils yet their students are consistently outperforming Britain in terms of academic results at secondary school age.

Furthermore mental health issues among primary school pupils is at a record high, with three children with mental health conditions in every class, with anxiety being of the most prominent conditions.

A less stressful environment when a child is young can help to protect a child's emotional and mental wellbeing.

We the undersigned call on the Government to discontinue SAT's for Year 2 pupils. The practice of testing such young children has interfered with learning by creating stressful environments that are counter productive.

We urge the Government to look at the minimal testing education of countries such as Finland that garner better academic results of pupils at the start of secondary school.

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