London Borough of Sutton
United Kingdom

We strongly believe that the new scheme introduced by the Liberal Democrat controlled London Borough of Sutton to charge £35 per bag to use the garden waste collection scheme is a mistake.

This service, which was previously provided at no extra cost, is vital, and the ill effects of the change are already being seen. Massive queues have been reported at the local tip, creating greater vehicle emissions.

The scheme risks public goodwill, when this is so vital to encourage local people to take part in vital environmental iniatives. We are calling for the Council to scrap this charge, which is hitting elderly and vulnerable residents the hardest.

I, the undersigned, call on the Lib Dem controlled London Borough of Sutton to scrap the £35 per bag garden waste charge with immediate effect.

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The Scrap Green Garden Waste Collection Charges! petition to London Borough of Sutton was written by Dr Ken Andrew and is in the category Environment at GoPetition.