Indian Embassy in US
United States of America

Persons of Indian origin who have acquired Foreign citizenship are required to surrender their Indian Passports to the nearest Indian embassy within three months after acquisition of US citizenship. A fee of $175 for renouncing Indian citizenship/surrender of Indian passport is chargeable.

This is unfair and unlawful as the Indian Embassy should not force this upon those thousands who have taken up US citizenship and to those who are waiting to accept the US citizenship.

The Indian Embassy in US should not charge any fees for surrendering Indian passport but offer this free of charge to encourage individuals to surrender their passport after acquiring US citizenship if this is a matter of so called safety and security.

We hereby request the Indian Embassy in US to withdraw the fees which is implemented for surrendering the Indian passport after acquiring US citizenship.

The Indian Embassy should have at least acted lawfully as they brought this fee only when they realised the mistake they have made of not collecting passports from individual acquired US citizenship. This is unlawful and can be taken up in courts either in India or the US.

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