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City of Columbus Ohio
United States of America

1. The roads in our community continue to detereriate in a rapid manner.
2. The patching repairs and taring continue to lift from the pavement a few days later being ineffective.
3. The roads in our community have not been resurfaced in 26 plus years of driving.
4. Many members of our community have voted for this to be done ASAP via Nextdoor Neighbor app. With 100 percent for replacement.
5. This will enhance the value of sales and property values throught our community.
6. Many neighboring apartment community’s are being constructed and our roads will become even more of a “pass thru” everyday.
7. A recent service request to the City for resurfacing was denied in February 2019, yet potholes and cracks are continuing to get worse daily throught the community causing potential car damages.

We the members of Scioto Woods Subdivision, call on the City of Columbus Ohio to resurface/replace the road throught our entire Subdivision in the year of 2019/2020.

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