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Studies have proven that most teenagers do not get the proper amount of sleep needed. Part of this problem is the demanding early hours of school.

Did you ever notice that the further you move up in school the earlier and earlier you must wake up? Teenagers need sleep to nurture their vastly growing and maturing minds. However, as they grow older into young adults more responsiblities are placed upon them. Such as getting a job, while balancing school work with after school activies. It has been proven in many studies that Highschool hours start way too early for teenagers to learn and properly function. Younger children are up earlier and can function more efficiently in the morning hours. Does this seem backwards to you? Of course it does, because it is. What can you do to fix it you might ask? Well i'm glad you asked, all you have to do is sign this petition and help your fellow students get the sleep they so desperatly need.

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