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Many young families live in Glade,BC. Of those young families, many have children that attend Brent Kennedy Elementary (BK)and Mount Sentinel Secondary School (MS). In order to attend these schools, parents must either make alternate arrangements or drive them to and from school. The community's catchment is SD20 not SD8. This is the reason why at this time Glade does not have a bus that transports to BK and MS.

Many parents have chosen the BK and MS schools primarily because they are located within the closest proximity to Glade (7.3kms) vs. the catchment schools of Robson Community School (21.5kms) and Stanley Humphries Secondary (21.2kms). Most of the school age children (approximately 16 kids)living in Glade attend BK and MS with the minority (approximately 9 kids) attending Robson and Stanley Humphries.

The parents of students attending BK and Mount Sentinel, present and future, would like to petition for a bus service to Glade. At the present time, students that live in Glade that do not have the privilege of parents being able to transport them to and from school, would have to catch the bus at the Esso on the highway. These children must cross an extremely busy highway, walk 2.7km down the Glade Ferry Rd. (a single lane road that has no sidewalks nor safe pathways for pedestrians) and cross the river on the cable ferry (which does not have a safe nor enclosed pedestrian staging area).

Currently the Glade ferry road is mostly used by passenger vehicles but Kalesnikoff Lumber Co. Ltd will be logging in Glade and there are increased risks associated with logging truck traffic as well. There are many reasons why we should be granted bus service in Glade and safety is number one!

Parents of students that live in Glade are willing to pay the required fees for this bus service, and would like to negotiate a suitable drop off and pick up location in Glade. We feel that this would be fair considering the SD currently offers bus service to similar out of catchment communities nearby(Shoreacres and Voykin Subdivision) and also given the level of enrollment in BK and MS schools from the community of Glade.

We, the parents of students of Brent Kennedy School and Mount Sentinel School ,present and future, that live in Glade, BC, would like to petition School District 08 for bus service into the community of Glade, BC.

Respectfully and thank you.

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