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Many parents travel alone and have their hands full,they can't carry baby,carry bags,fold stroller and board the bus at the same time unless they have 6 hands? Strollers comes with safety harness and baby being in there is safer than being in the parent's arm in a moving bus.

Strollers,unlike market trolleys,have brakes and this helps a mother who is travelling alone to juggle all items and manoeuvre with ease.

The bus drivers don't even have to get out from his seat to assist like he would for a wheelchair passenger. All he has to do is allow the stroller to be up in the bus.

Like wheelchairs passengers ,there would be just one or 2 who would board the bus and if the bus is crowded,obviously the parent would wait for the next bus.

Government wants us to have more children but how to if it's an inconvenience to travel? Cars have high coe tags and cabs fee are high.Also it won't make sense to take a taxi if the distance is just 4 bus stops away.

Not all family have the luxury to take a taxi everywhere they go.Walking to the interchange which might be 4km away can be a torture especially in our hot tropical climate.

Do join hands to allow open strollers in the buses. I'm sure all parents would appreciate this.

We want SBS, SMRT and all public buses to allow strollers to board the bus without being folded.

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