#Children's Rights
To stop the sweat shops of Nike

The Nike sweat shop has so many poor working conditions, and very low wages. The people who work there (mostly children) work six days a week, for $2.60 a day and work ten hours a day.

One of Nike slogans is Strength, stamina and courage, they also say No one said it was going to be easy, but nothing worth while is. A young girl named Sasha works ten hours a day non stop sewing soccer balls. Ashmed and Bira there aged 29 and 10 work 12 hours non stop putting the shoe lasses in shoes. Amir aged 11 cleans up the sweat shop for 10 hours a day. Nike also says“greatness comes with a price, do you have what it takes. The Sweat shop its not just 20 cents an hour it an athletic adventure”.

You can make a difference. Help shut Nike down.

We need to take action now.

Saying no to Nike.

The petition will be sent to Parliament.

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