Ontario Premier and Ministry of Training, College and University

Ontario will increase university capacity in an underserved area and plans to improve student and local access to affordable post-secondary education.

- Ontario would like to improve local student access where communities are growing and where students need better and more affordable access to post-secondary institutions.

- Ontario has increased enrolment to 160,000 in the last 10 years.

- Ontario currently has 65% post-secondary attainment (university, college, apprenticeship), and is higher than any OECD (organization of Economic Cooperation & Development) country.

- Ontario would like to increase post-secondary attainment from 65% to 70%.

- York Region has signed a memorandum of understanding with York University in September 2014 to allocate $25 million to commence the construction of a York University campus in downtown Markham.

York region is the fastest growing region with the population reaching 1.5 million by 2031.

York Region has 59.7% of students attending post-secondary institutions -- the highest region in Ontario.

York Region is the largest region in North America that currently does not have a university campus.

A university campus has been identified as the top economic priority for York Region in the Region’s Economic Development Action Plan.

Please sign this petition to say "Yes" to York campus in downtown Markham.

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