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Get Rich - Quicker Multi-National Palm Oil Companies

Presently in Borneo (Indonesia and Malaysia) and Sumatra the Orangutan population is down to around 69,000.

This may initially sound like a fairly large number, but when you discover that we are currently losing 50 Orangutans a week and that at the present rate of killing there will be none left by 2026, you then realise why the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) have raised the alarm to an unprecedented level with a new report : "Last Stand of the Orangutan : A State of Emergency".

The reason for this panic and devastation unfortunately lies very close to home.....Palm Oil.

In your home right now there are likely to be a number of products that you use & consume everyday which contain Palm Oil from Borneo or Sumatra. To enable us to have these products millions of hectares of natural Rainforest are being destroyed to be replaced with Palm Oil Plantations.

These Rainforests are the homes of the Orangutans, but everyday more and more are being slaughtered with guns, machetes, wooden stakes and even set on fire so that multi-national Palm Oil companies can get richer quicker.

In some cases the babies of these Orangutans manage to escape, but unless rescued their fate is as heartbreaking as their parents. Orangutans share 96.4% of human genes and the helpless babies stay stuck to their mothers side for at least the first 5 years of their lives............ Just like our children.

Please join us in asking Supermarkets to ensure that the Palm Oil used in their products comes from Orangutan Friendly, sustainable, non-destructive sources.

And let's urge them to join the roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil.

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