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Nigerians,United Nation,
Urhobo Mudiaga Movement’s

It is illegal for a nation that find it difficult to provide basic Amenities for it citizens yet wants to extort the Citizens .. URHOB MUDIAGA MOVEMENTS-

Urhobo youth shall soon be storming Abuja for this protest Says THE OSU RE IGHELE Activists Blessed O Ughere .. we are not Cowards please read About the Oruwheru Women Riot ,

Again urhobo youth of 2020 says no to this slavery billl .. please google Oshue of Oruwheru.
Yes this was what Hon Jeroton Mariere stood for ...
What about the Salubis and the rest of our hero’s ....

We are not carwards even if the whole of the Niger Delta refuse to talk or make a stand on this ( in the voice is Mukoro Moweo- WE ARE URHOBO’s) Urhobo youth condemn the Water Bill.This Bill was proposed by some Enemies of Nigeria Delta who sole aim is so Enslave Niger Deltan’s ..off curse they tried this With a Ruga Bill and they failed .Now they want to try it again and yes they would fail again..

Urhobo youth Calls on Deputy Senate President of Nigeria Distinguished Sen Ovie Omoagege the senators Representing Delta Central Senatorial District (Urhobo Senator) ,Distinguished Hon Ben Roland Ibakpa representing Ethiop Federal Constituency, Hon Revd Francis Ejiroghene Waive representing Udu,Ughelli North and Ughelli South Federal Constituency , Hon Efe Afe Representing Sapele,Uwie and Okpe federal Constituency all Of Urhobo Nation to come out and defend us as it is the pourpose for which they were sent to represent the good people of urhobo nation ..

We therefor call on all Niger Deltans Tribes and Nation to join us again as we reject and condemn this in totality..

We are not slaves to Nigeria ... Niger Delta it’s time to speak In one voice as against our common enemies..

We the undersign Call on UN and Nigeria Governments to stop the Demonic Bill call Water Bill as it is perceive to be a mean to enslave the South south Nigeria by some Enemies of Nigeria .

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we say No to WATER BILL