#City & Town Planning
McCandless Township Town Council
United States of America

The current plan to build a Walmart Supercenter on Blazier Drive would bring increased traffic to the Ingomar, upper McKnight and Grubbs Road areas. In addition, the increased noise, destruction of additional wetlands which will impact flood control and local wildlife, plus increased light pollution will be a detriment to adjoining residential areas and nearby North Park. With three Giant Eagles, two Targets, a Kuhn's, Whole Foods, one Shop & Save, and a K-Mart all within a five mile radius (along with existing Walmarts in Cranberry and Gibsonia), why do we need another big-box superstore in the area?

The traffic studies, funded by Walmart, are truly questionable. The studies were not conducted during the Christmas season, or the peak North Park summer season, so a true impact has not been obtained.

Also, the comments made by the planning commission on KDKA TV, regarding the low volume of traffic that should be expected, raise the question of why would Walmart want to build a Supercenter in an area of such a low customer base?

We, the undersigned, call on the McCandless Township Town Council to vote no in allowing Walmart to build a Supercenter Store on Blazier Drive.

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