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We, the American People do NOT want a Universal Health Care Program. We want our health care to be left up to us and not decided upon by anyone in our Government. We want the freedom to choose our own Dr.'s, our own Insurance carriers, and what coverage we want to carry.

We want our Government to stay out of our Dr.'s office, hospitals and our insurance companies. We are signing this to protect ourselves, our families and our neighbors from having our freedom of choice taken away.

We the undersigned do not want a National Health Care Program. We do not want our freedom of choice taken away. We want the freedom to choose how and when we are treated.

We do not want to be forced to choose a cut rate health care insurance when it may not be the right coverage for us.

We do not want our Government to tell us who we can be treated by and when. We want our access to care to be when we need it, not when they come to our place in line.

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