Please comment on your issues with having a liberal government and what Mr Trudeau hasn't or needs to do for our Western provinces ! Dont just sign your name or like this as a post. Western Canada is not being heard. Our issues for our provinces are important! Use your voice about carbon tax, praise the amount of income assistance, did you know one person receives $710, and rent is well over $800. Help the homeless create better housing. More jobs. What is your major need. The time is now. I want this big and huge that we have a right to excerise our opinions and if we make this viral and big. We will at least said something besides checking off an x on a ballot and allowing Ontario and Quebec to decide for us. No we need more than that and we can get more !

We know the Liberal government saw all the blue on the map during election counting. Lets make our voices heard and make this viral ! What has Mr. Trudeau done to help your needs! What promises did he make but didn't do.? What does he need to do for your province or community or family
We may have a liberal government but that doesn't mean we have to be quiet. Lets be loud snd have our voices heard ! #noTrudeau

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