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With no information or briefings to the citizens of Canada, and with no approval beyond himself, Justin Trudeau has made dramatic changes to the rules of Election Procedure. This was done quietly away from the eyes and ears of Canadians and, looking at these changes, we can understand why. These changes he's made (with no authority to do so) now attempt to further restrain the degree that Canadians can exercise their constitutional rights to free political speech and activism. He is enforcing this obstruction of our constitutional rights with threats of heavy fines and jail time. He is imposing budget limits on 'political actors', meaning he is trying to limit politically motivated groups such as environmentalists, social conservatives, business and labour leaders, minority rights activists, etc. Imposing these budget limits amount to nothing more than keeping activists from being able to get their messages out there through media outlets, canvassing door to door, advertising, organizing rallies,etc. And now he proposes that none of this can be done without first conforming to his rules. He proposes that no groups or individuals may spend more than $700,00.00 on partisan activities and partisan advertising. They will have to register with the government after the first $500.00 is spent and from there provide an elaborate list of all revenue and expenses incurred , including the date and place of every attempt to change a mind. He has made the Canadian Elections Act impossibly long and intimidating; most certainly to try and hold an unfair advantage over others who may seek to run for election or simply voice their political view. These changes he is attempting are fundamentally authoritarian in nature and they obstruct every Canadians constitutional rights. No one party has the authority to dictate how an election is to proceed. Justin Trudeau has sadly forgotten that he does NOT dictate to Canadians. He is there to serve the will of the people. How is this possible when he seeks no approval before trying to make these kind of sweeping changes? Are Canadians now expected to simply put up with the changes he and his party alone have decided upon? Election procedure is not to be decided upon by any one party. It is a decision agreed upon by the Parliament as a whole and by the Canadian people. This is an abuse of power that Justin Trudeau and his liberal party are trying to pass off as 'a fair system' with pretty wording. It is not fair. If it were fair he would have shared these 'fair' change proposals with Canadians before implementing them. There would have been discussion on the matter in Parliament. He has no authority to make these changes which clearly are an underhanded attempt to hold on to his self-righteous power. It is an abuse of power that obstructs our constitutional rights and must be stopped. I ask all Canadians to sign this petition and let Justin Trudeau know that he is not our dictator and Canadians will not put up with this kind of underhanded deceitfulness. Rules and laws pertaining to elections in Canada are not his to make , and he will NOT obstruct our constitutional rights in anyway.

We, the citizens of Canada, demand the immediate withdrawal of ALL changes put forth to the Canadian Elections Act by Justin Trudeau and the liberal party. The changes put forth are NOT the decision of one political party to make and do not reflect a 'fair' electoral procedure, but rather an abuse of power. We, the citizens of Canada, will not allow the ILLEGAL obstruction of our Constitutional Rights to free political speech and activism in any manner whatsoever. Canadians will NOT adhere to threats of fines and jail time as a means to limit our Constitutional Rights to free political speech and activism. Nor will Canadians be budgeted with their political speech and activism as this also obstructs our Constitutional Rights. Justin Trudeau has proven nothing more with this ILLEGAL attempt to silence Canadians than a good reason why one political party cannot be trusted to re-write the rules of the Canadian Elections Act.

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