Walled Lake Schools
United States of America

Walled Lake Consolidated School District has decided to INCREASE the pay to play to $425 per student and eliminate the middle school football and cheer programs. This increase will be very difficult for some families to allow their kids to play sports (especially the ones with more than one child in school).

Team sports are very important part of high school; kids learn real world values by being part of a team. They learn trust, compassion, empathy, pride, leadership and so much more. These skills are carried over into their adult lives; to have a child not be able to participate due to an increase of Pay to Play is not acceptable.

If you feel they should NOT increase this and keep the pay to play at $350, please sign the petition! Let’s make sure they know we are not going to just accept another increase!

We, the undersigned, wish to eliminate the increase to the Walled Lake Consolidated School District Pay to Play from $350 to $425.

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