Most, if not all, Governments of the world.

If it is assumed true that a man-made Global Warming phenomenon is potentially catastrophic then it makes no sense that the bulk of Energy subsidies go towards the use of fossil fuels for electricity generation when cleaner alternatives exist.

It would seem that either man-made Global Warming is a lie or the Governments of the world do not really wish to find a solution to it.

This petition assumes that man-made Global Warming is a reality with potentially catastrophic consequences if not fought against with immediacy and full intention.

We, the undersigned, call on the Governments of the world to use some common sense when distributing Energy subsidies.

Why must the taxpayer subsidise the largest cause of man-made Global Warming(Fossil Fuel electricity generation) whilst alternative energy solutions such as Solar Thermal are forced to struggle?

Why must the consumer be asked to pay extra for "Green" Energy when his/her taxes are subsidising the very antithesis?

We, the undersigned, are not impressed with such hypocrisy.

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