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Laguna Beach City Council
United States of America


· Keeping Kids Safe through New Initiatives Teaching Alcohol Abuse Prevention Life Skills in our Homes, Schools and in the Community.

· Empowering Parents with Enhanced Teenage Alcohol Abuse Awareness and Positive Parenting Skill Training.

· Enhanced Police Training on Family and Community Friendly Enforcement of Existing State Laws Against Adult Enablement of Unlawful Alcohol Use By Teenagers.

· Laguna Beach City Council AND School Board Withdrawal of “Social Host Ordinance” (SHO) Proposed by "Laguna Community Coalition" which Does Not Represent Parent and Residents of Laguna Beach and which Duplicates State Law Protecting Minorts and Gives Police undue Discretion to Make Arrests Under Vague and Legally Deficient Local Law.

The undersigned residents of Laguna Beach respectfully request that:

1) The Laguna Beach City Council discontinue consideration of Social Host Ordinance (SHO) proposed by the local School Board, due to its legal deficiencies and high risk of both unintended consequences and abuses;

2) Consider any future SHO proposals only if they have real community support and with the normal process of informed and inclusive public input through community meetings and public hearings;

3) Support local police with augmentation of training in family and community friendly enforcement of the applicable child protection laws of the state and county in which we live;

4) School Board and school authorities focus on the newly adopted 3-year plan for Student Alcohol/Drug Abuse:

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